Saturday, September 11, 2010

Being Open To It All

As a lot of you fellow self employed individuals like myself know...this time of year can be a bit slow.  Time for kids to be heading off back to school...backpacks  and clothes and everything in-between to be chosen and purchased....extra purchases for fun are not always on the top of the list (and I guess they shouldn't be right).

During this time I always try to keep myself as busy as possible....busy hands = less stress... at least for me this works.  I find that I  can be at it making Add A Dangles and Jewelry for hours before I even stop to check my views and sells.

I try and tell myself (after 11 years in now) that the busy time will be just around the corner....until then I shall keep myself busy and listen to tunes that keep my soul light and my optimism up....

Have a great weekend everyone!....and don't worry your life away:)

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