Sunday, July 25, 2010

What A Wonderful World

I hope everyone is well this Sunday....I am busily getting ready for a show in St. Louis and things couldn't be more hectic.

Even though I have more things to do than I probably have time for I am so very optimistic about it all.....I hope you are too.....

Have a great week:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Add A Dangles Fall Preview Blog GiveAWay!!!

(You'll Be As Giddy As This Baby)

I have been trying to get this blog started for a long actually I'm just as giddy as that baby right now that I got this done! Woooohooooo!!!!!

Now on to the GOOD STUFF!

Add A Dangle is now in full swing and with over 1900 sales I thought it time that we have a little fun...maybe even a contest or a give-away or two in the coming weeks to give the blog a proper inauguration. 

So in that spirit I'm announcing that our first Give-A-Way will be Add A Dangles Fall Preview Bangles and Dangles GiveAWay!! A showcase of whats to come for Fall 2010 and a chance for me to give a way free stuff to boot:)

I love bangles...I have always loved bangles.  I own over 30 of them!   So I thought how much fun would it be if I could combine my Add A Dangle's with the sterling silver and 14k gold fill handmade bangles we've been making for years and eureka I had it....a "Bangles and Dangles" combo to absolutely die for! (please imagine me saying that in my best southern accent please:)

One of you lucky duckies will win a sterling silver bangle and a set of gorgeous Gemstone Add A Dangles!!

You will receive one sterling silver bangle and the set of three Add A Danlges pictured above...a gorgeous carved pink tourmaline leaf, a super cute faceted yellow citrine coin and an outstanding green tourmaline puffed rectangle all by Add A Dangle! Who will be the lucky winner? 

How to Enter:

It's simple, just leave a comment on this post telling me why you already love Add A Dangle or why you may be looking forward to trying us out in the future.
(please include an email using [!at] instead of @ )

IF you would like the chance of multiple entries, you can tweet or blog about it, max of one extra entry for each.

I'd be really grateful, too, if you would email this to anyone you know who loves handmade jewelry and might be interested, you get an extra entry for this, too.

(if you have tweeted, emailed friends or blogged, please leave another comment with a link or your friend needs to refer to you in their comment).

Closing date:
12 midnight MST
Open to everybody!

The winner will be picked using a random number generator (otherwise known as my daughter:)


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